Dry Bluffs - The Pirate Festival

2018 Dates: August 4 - 6

Official Description

Join us again for 3 glorious and exciting days in the Village of Dry Bluffs. All the Pirates are scurrying, busy chasing gold – in fact, anything and everything that glistens! Watch carefully, to discover what these have pirates tucked in their packs? Could it be sacks of gold, gems and stones? Treasure is as abundant as are tricky Pirate Thieves! Be On Guard! Watch your treasure …

Some treasure may be of great value, while some may be fool’s gold. Perhaps only the Chandler’s Wife can tell. For those who join us on Saturday night, the Captain’s Keg will present a fun and enjoyable evening full of glistening memories!


  • Fair type: Pirate
  • Fair started in 2007 (12th season)

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