Feast of the Goblin King

2018 Dates: October 27

Official Description

"When the Village of Hart Grove falls to Sleep, see who comes out to Creep. Come join the Goblin King for his Feast!"
The Goblin King will open the portal to his realm at 4 pm. Come join us for a Renaissance Faire done Goblin style. Dine with the Goblin King and his Court at 6 pm. Enjoy the entertainment by the creatures of his Realm until the clock strikes 10 pm when all will end.
You will join the Goblin King and Court for a food and entertainment. After you dine with the glorious Goblin King take a stroll through the Village and enjoy the shenanigans of his subject as they sing and dance the night away.


  • Fair type: Renaissance

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Nearby fairs

Ozark Pirate Fest
Sunrise Beach, MO
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