Renaissance on the River

This fair is no longer active.

Official Description

La Villita will be transformed into “Olde Englande,” offering entertainment for all ages, and King and Queen Kevin and Sandi Wolff invite you to attend the festival. Renaissance on the River and Shakespeare in the Park admission is free and has entertainment for the whole family!

At the entrance to La Villita, a town crier will welcome all attendees to the event. The Magik Theatre will bring artisans, magicians, jugglers, fire-eaters, swordsmen, singers, dancers, roving beggars and thieves, period crafts, games, a children’s area, and food to the San Antonio Riverwalk. Visitors can try their hand at pirate training, lock your friends and family up in the stocks, or feast on a turkey leg, while enjoying a variety of beverages – or be amazed by the art of falconry as Last Chance Forever shares their insights into the training, rehabilitation, and conservation of beautiful, fascinating birds of prey. See a full list of activities and performances on our website.


  • Fair type: Renaissance

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