AGOSC Enchanted Valley Fairy & Pirate Fest

2023 Dates: June 24

Official Description

This year's fantasy is...

Come join the fantasy and become part of the story!

The seasons change! It is Mid-Summer Festival time in the Enchanted Valley!!

Robin of Oakwood, The Oak King, is the solar twin of Criostoir of Evergreen, the Holly King. King Robin has been pursuing the woman of his dreams, Druantia, the elusive White Goddess, as his power grows strong in the days of the spring solstice into summer. If only he could catch her!!

In the meantime, he must fulfill his kingly duty by gracing the Fairy Realm of the Enchanted Valley at their Mid-Summer Festival.

The Enchanted Valley Mid-Summer Festival and its Four Queens have been on his itinerary before and while they are all quite lovely, sigh, and in his past lives, he would have been pleased to dance with any of them, now? They pale in comparison to the White Goddess, Druantia Ley, with whom he simply must share the first dance of the festival!

Why, oh why, is his eternal goddess being so fickle? Robin is so preoccupied with chasing Dru, he doesn't realize his brother, Criostoir, the Holly King, has followed him to the Enchanted Valley instead of returning to the Northern Lands!

Criostoir of Evergreen, the Holly King, has long ruled the dark days of Winter alongside his consort, Cally Berry, the Goddess of Winter. His brother, Robin of Oakwood, and he have always shared stewardship of the Wheel of Time – he the Fall and Winter; Robin the Spring and Summer.

This year, something is different. Chris feels restless. He has always loved his return to the Northern Lands as the heat of the Sun warmed the Southern worlds but this year, he wants to spend the Summer with his brother.

His consort and main squeeze, the Goddess Cally Berry, has repeatedly warned him such foolishness will offend the Wheel of Time and the Universe, but Chris is sure the Universe will understand.

Cally Berry is not so sure. Cally has received a message from the snow geese that Chris is on his way to the Enchanted Valley spend the summer with his brother, the Oak King. Sure, he'd often told her of his secret wish to experience summer but she never thought he'd risk screwing up the Wheel of Time!

No good will come of this. Cally must bring Chris home before he wrecks permanent havoc with the Wheel of Time and destroys the seasons! It isn't like she doesn't have enough trouble with humans and climate change as it is!! Now this!!

What could possibly go wrong?

There will be costumed creatures of all kinds, games, dances, activities, a petting zoo, vendors, food trucks, refreshments, and this year, the Four Faerie Queens of the Enchanted Valley have a wonderful new surprise!

They have summoned the band Rattl from Northumberland County, PA, to play for them (and all of us)!

Come join the fun dressed as a fairy, pirate, or other magical being! Or not! There will be something for everyone!!

The Enchanted Valley Fairy and Pirate Festival is a family friendly event for all ages. Proceeds benefit the Actors Guild of Schuylkill County.


  • Fair type: Other
  • Founded in 2022
  • No pets

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