Cheval Court Medieval Festival

2024 Dates: August 3 - 4

Official Description

Hear ye, hear ye, good gentles all! With hearts aflutter and spirits high, we joyously invite thee to partake in the first ever Cheval Court Medieval Festival. A day where the past and present dance in harmony, beckoning one and all to revel in the wonders of yore.

Thrill as the Order of Epona presents jousting, a spectacle of chivalry and valor where knights clash in a tournament of skill and bravery. Marvel at the prowess of Lady Faeowin, Archer of Avalon, as she demonstrates the noble art of archery, her arrows flying true to the heart of tradition and skill.

Amidst the echoes of hoofbeats and the twang of bowstrings, explore the realm of our esteemed vendors. Each booth, a treasure trove of the Renaissance, offers wares and crafts to dazzle thine senses: exquisite jewelry gleaming with elegance, intricate leatherwork that whispers tales of old, aromatic potions and herbs to enchant, and finely crafted weaponry for the brave of heart. Let thine eyes wander and thy coin purse open, for here lies craftsmanship unrivaled.

And what festival is complete without the pleasures of the table? Indulge in a bounty of culinary delights that shall satisfy even the most royal of appetites. Feast upon legendary turkey legs and partake in the myriad of flavors offered by our food purveyors. From savory meats to sweet confections, our festival promises a gastronomic journey through time.

So come, don your finest garb, and step into a world where history breathes anew. The Cheval Court Medieval Festival awaits thee with open arms and a promise of memories that shall be cherished for a lifetime. Join us, for adventure, entertainment, and the joy of the Renaissance spirit are but a moment away


  • Fair type: Renaissance
  • Founded in 2024

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