Dragon Days Fantasy Festival

2024 Dates: September 27 - 29

Official Description

The Dragon Days Fantasy Festival is designed to be a hybrid between a classic Ren Faire and game convention. This event has a built-in pedigree to back it: Dungeons & Dragons, the world’s most famous roleplaying game. D&D was launched nearly 50 years ago in the idyllic town of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Designed by Gary Gygax (the “father” of roleplaying games), Dungeons & Dragons built an empire of games, books, comics, TV shows, computer games, motion pictures, and more. Earlier this year, the City of Lake Geneva held the first ever Gary Gygax Day and established several historic sites recognizing Gygax’s legacy. The City is committed to honoring his work and its legions of fans. Foremost is the Dragon Days Fantasy Festival!


  • Fair type: Other
  • Founded in 2023

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Lake Geneva
Wisconsin, United States

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