Enchanted Orchard Renaissance Faire

2024 Dates: May 4 - 5

Official Description

Here ye! Hear ye!
Journey to Red Apple Farm and enter an enchanted realm of merriment and revelry. Come enjoy the renaissance of spring at Enchanted Orchard where unearthly delights abound and the magic of nature is a marvel to behold.

Merchants from distant realms and folk from near and far gather in celebration of May Day and the planting season which springs life anew each year. Quest with knights, sing with pirates, frolic with the fairies, dance with witches, adventure with vikings, hide from trolls, and feast like royalty at Enchanted Orchard Renaissance Faire!
A world of wonder awaits!

Enchanted Orchard Renaissance Faire centers on the agrarian society of the pre-modern period and the event seeks to promote the local and sustainable farming practices which shaped medieval life.

Enchanted Orchard is an inclusive and family friendly event, which welcomes all peoples. Enchanted Orchard is a space for anyone who enjoys history, fantasy and the magic of storytelling.


  • Fair type: Renaissance
  • Founded in 2024

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Phillipston, Massachusetts 01331, United States

Contact Info

(978) 249-6763
Last updated on March 16, 2024.
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