Fairyblossom Festival

2024 Dates: June 28 - 30

Official Description

It is our mission to host a family-friendly festival celebrating fantasy, myth, magic, beauty, craftsmanship and art! We aim to encourage community, education, and public works - all through the lens of folklore and fun.

The Fairyblossom Festival is dedicated to providing professionalism, communication and good customer service to vendors, performers and the public.

Our LARP-style gaming festival is the annual competition between the Seelie & Unseelie Fairy Courts! Which team will you be competing on??

We feature an ALL AGES 2-day live-action dungeon-crawl quest through the woods, NERF battles, Magic the Gathering tournament, Faerie King & Queen, Goblin Town, Dwarven Forge, Tispy Pixie “Tavern”, Catawampus Rumpus Ball for All, Stone Soup Potluck, Camping, Fairy Market merchants and more!

Fairyblossom is an immersive, full weekend event of various games, quests, shopping and activities.


  • Fair type: Faerie
  • Founded in 2015

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26 Red Hawk Rd
Pe Ell, WA 98572, USA

Contact Info

(206) 852-3000
Last updated on May 21, 2024.
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