Fantasy Court

2024 Dates: June 9

Official Description

Fantasy Court is a fantasy festival that is focused on the unique and somewhat niche culture surrounding fantasy and LARP (Live Action Role Playing). This festival has a vast array of stalls, associations, and activities that all fall under the purview of the awesome world of fantasy. This would entail LARP associations, surprising board games, exotic foods, a LARP sword fighting tournament, LARP sword fighting for kids, storytellers, a LARP archery range as well as a wide variety of stalls that sell anything related. We offer all that belongs in the world of fantasy, and anything that will make you feel part of that world. Most importantly, everyone is welcome! If you’re a student or not, a parent with children or alone; it doesn’t matter who you are. You will be welcome and you will find something to do. There will be workshops organised, various activities, and the all impressive sword fighting tournament for children and adults!


  • Fair type: Other
  • Founded in 2016

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De Lampendriessen 31
5612 AH Eindhoven, Netherlands

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Last updated on February 19, 2024.
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