Idaho Renaissance Faire

2024 Dates: September 28 - October 6

Official Description

Cometh one, cometh all… Come yer yonder my bonnie lass and chivalrous lad… YES THEE!
Let live thy heart desires in our world, the world of days olde, of days past, but the world of timeless beauty and ageless delight
Art thou a fairy, fair maiden or witch? A rich Lord, Knight or jolly peasant with a liking for pheasants?
A lover of dragons and dungeons, or a magician, poet with stories to tell, or a mindless smith with wares to sell?

Come experience the beauty and enchanting world of the Renaissance Age with us, as we thrill you with the amazing and jolly good games, adventures, music and spectacular shows. Tourneys aplenty await thee, show thy colours and thine heart for ye champions and noble knights as they joust to the very end, sing merry with the musicians and mummers, laugh with the jesters and dance to ye heart fill. Find thee a guild and maketh for yourself friends, family and a home, visit the castles and keeps of the Lords, mingle, dine and wine with the Barons and Ladies of the court. We are sure you’ll find something beautiful and worth keeping in our welcoming stalls and smith shops at very affordable prices.

It’ll be the time of your life, as you journey back in time to the best times this world ever offered.


  • Fair type: Renaissance

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5610 N Glenwood St
Garden City, Idaho 83714, United States

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Last updated on May 4, 2024.
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