Langston’s Jewel Medieval Faire

2018 Dates: May 19 - 20

Official Description

Somewhere in the midst of the Mists of the Carolinas there is a magical place that knows no time yet it only appears once a year. This place when it was first seen was called a jewel because it was so rare and precious. It was discovered by Mr. D. T. Langston, early one morning as the mists lifted and the sun caused the dew all around to sparkle like jewels, hence, he named his find, Langston's Jewel. As he entered the Village, he noticed that it was made up of peoples from all over the medieval world and though each had their own area with a royal presence, they all got along together and worked together in the village. They gave respect to all the royalty especially if they were visiting from some of the other areas. The greatest thing was each day; all the royals got together and had a picnic or meal together. That was the time when any member of the village could bring anything to them and they would all rule as one. Mr. Langston found this especially interesting as in his time one could hardly get 2 heads of state to get along yet here there were many. Mr. Langston searched for and was soon taken to the Elders of this lovely village and there he was told the history of the village.

As he listened to the Elders, he watched as around them there were peoples of all places getting along and going about their daily lives. The more he heard and saw the more he thought he had found Utopia right here in his own back yard. The Elders looked around and one then told him that though there was peace here and he was welcome to stay he must leave by the next evening. If he did not leave then he too would be unable to ever leave. Mr. Langston considered this as he walked through the village and saw the children playing and the merchants selling their goods. He stopped to hear the story tellers and admire the work of the artisans... he spoke with the royals and learned that the peace was kept because they ALL rule as one, no royal was greater than the other and though they each had their own area all were encouraged to live among his neighbors to understand and appreciate the differences...he soon began to feel as if this might be where he was supposed to the night fell, and he heard the sweet call of the drums he knew in his heart that this was where he was to spend his life...

Later he went back to the elders to tell them of his decision; he had but one question to ask them: WHY had no other human seen them before? The Elders smiled, looked at him and said very simply....they had not looked. He did not understand at first but it slowly dawned on him what they meant and he vowed to always look and to always be the beacon that showed others WHERE to look.


  • Fair type: Renaissance

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