NM Renaissance Celtic Festival

2024 Dates: April 5 - 7

Official Description

We are excited to finally bring it to you in the Land Of Enchantment Realm, where we have a Fantasy Kingdom surely to find the Sherwood Forest, Fairy Glen, oh and beware of Mermaids and Pirates lurking around the Pirate Cove. Make haste to the Time Travelers Alley, as they send you into the future or the past, bringing you along through time.
Make sure to be at the Queens Court for the Kids Knighting Ceremony as the Queen herself will knight her royal guard each day, then ye hear the Pipe and Drums play as you visit the Celtic Kingdom where you can learn more about your family's history as Knights, merchants, protectors of kingdoms, Castles and family traditions, the Land Of Enchantment Realm is surely to capture your heart as you make your way traveling through each kingdom and seeking out the history and fantasy of our festival.


  • Fair type: Celtic
  • Founded in 2020

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87 North Frontage Road
Edgewood, New Mexico 87015, United States

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Last updated on March 10, 2024.
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