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This fair is no longer active.

Official Description

Avast ye buckos! Hoist your Jolly Roger, weigh anchor, and set sail for the Pirate Fest. All the great Renaissance Faire entertainment with a pirate flair. This family-friendly event takes place at the Renaissance Park at Sleepy Hollow, which will be overrun by scurvy Pirate Captains and their motley crews. They will be trying to recruit you to help crew their ships. Choose wisely, so you don’t become shark bait.

A festival full of the best swashbuckling entertainment, pirate quests, games of skill, shops with serious pirate booty, grub for all you seafarers, and Yo Ho Ho there will be Rum, Grog, and Meade.


  • Fair type: Pirate

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Last updated on February 28, 2024.
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