Ravenwood Faire

2021 Dates: October 15 - 17

Official Description

Ravenwood Faire is a Northern Virginia Renaissance Faire. May and spring is in the air. The fields are ready to plant and the cold of winter put behind us. The Lord and Lady of Ravenwood invite all to share in a time of celebration as we welcome the new season. Artisans and craftsman have brought their finest wares for your consideration. Only the finest food and drink will do for this festival of love and beauty and in that they are well ready with mead and more. Let merriment and laughter banish all lingering shadows of winter as we dance the Maypole. But wait! News hath arrived that our goode cousins in The North, Laird Wulfric Grimbeald and Lady Theodora Quennell are come to visit from The Highlands and Isles to pay their homage to The Crown. Let there be a grand table and a passage of arms to mark the reunion and see what word comes from Scotland for we have heard rumors of rebellion. What intrigue now awaits.


  • Fair type: Renaissance
  • Founded in 2019

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