Sherwood Forest Faire

2025 Dates: March 1 - April 20

Official Description

Welcome to Sherwood Forest Faire! Here ye may know that thou art under the protection of King Richard the Lionheart and his bold ally Robin Hood. Alas! In this the year of our Lord 1193, the good King must take his leave again, and must choose the right person to whom he will relinquish his royal seal, that they may rule England in his absence. But never fear, for whomsoever the king chooses, Robin Hood and his Merry Band will keep an eye on the Royal Seal, for as always they shall put chivalry and justice above all on this fine Faire day.

We shall celebrate the King’s departure in Nottinghamshire, where you shall encounter pirates, knights, tinkers, jesters, royalty, beggars, and a myriad of fantastical creatures. Medieval bards and players have come to fill the stages of the forest with music, juggling, magic, and storytelling; and the market is filled with crafters and tradesmen of the shire, plying their trades with unique wares to sell at the long awaited Faire. There are hand-made crafts of clothing, jewelry, weaponry, leatherwork, and much more for shopping.

For sporting folk, there shall be full-contact jousting, hand-to-hand combat tournaments, archery, sword fighting, ax throwing, and falconry. Finally, the wee ones will enjoy the Rides & Games as well as face painting, puppet shows, pony rides, as well as several musical and comedy performances at the Faery Forest Stage in Sherwood’s children’s area Once Upon a Time…

So lift up your cares and join us while we eat, drink, and make merry for the Springtime at our joyous Sherwood Forest Faire!


  • Fair type: Renaissance
  • Founded in 2010
  • Covers 23 acres

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1883 Old Highway 20
McDade, TX 78650, USA

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512 222 6680
Last updated on July 1, 2024.
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