The Dragon Festival

2019 Dates: January 12 - 13

Official Description

For over a century, the Dragon known as "Gedeon" has kept the villagers of Melbourneshire at bay. Knights from far and wide have road to their aid only to meet a fiery end. By day the villagers live a peaceful existent but by night they fear the fire in the sky. Each year on the anniversary of Gedeon's birth, they hold a feast and games to find the bravest and the strongest to send to banish the dragon.

This January, you're invited to join the villagers of Melbourneshire, to drink their beer & wine, partake in their feast and games but be warned, should you prove worthy - you will have to face their dragon.

The Dragon Festival is a combination of a Renaissances Fair, Highland Games with a little Hogwarts for good measure. The festival is to benefit the Friends of children of Brevard. This event will feature performers of all kinds, Highland Games, Celtic Music, vendors, Petting zoo, pony rides, other ren-fair favorite games, games of skill crafts and artisans of every kind, a kings feast buffet dinner and other food vendors


  • Fair type: Renaissance
  • Founded in 2014

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