Yule Viking Festival at Avalon

2024 Dates: December 6 - 22

Official Description

The time has come- the Invasion is nigh!

We invite you all to join us this December, for the first annual Yule Viking Festival at Avalon Faire!

Come celebrate this season as your Ancestors once did. Experience the ways of old, learn the reasons and meaning behind some of the most popular Viking traditions, myths, and lore.

Hear the music and sounds of traditional bands and entertainers, as well as the Skalds reciting the Edda's and sagas- those glorious tales of Gods and Heroes, Kings and Clans. By day, watch the strong men and woman perform awesome feats of strength, second only to the Gods, and revel in the magic of the primal elements as our fire performers heat up the night!

Throughout the day, you may also enjoy sampling hot breads, stews, and other foods of the olden world, and then washing it down with wonderful horn of mead, made just a few miles away using a recipe dating back hundreds of years.

Join us for fun times, new friends, and unforgettable experiences, all dedicated to honoring the customs and traditions of our Ancestors.

We welcome you all to enjoy the first three weekends of December.


  • Fair type: Other
  • Founded in 2023

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