Allyson Szabo


I'm Allyson, and I am a re-enactor. I play in three main time periods: 10th century Norse, early 15th century English/Scottish, and 18th century American. I currently have two cookbooks out, one of which is very popular in the Ren Faire community: The Re-Enactor's Cookbook. In the next year or two, I have at least two more historical cookbooks coming out, as well as other modern books. I like to set up and sell my cookbooks while also dressing in appropriate clothing and teaching about open fire cooking. When allowed, I dig a fire pit and cook there. If fire regulations don't allow for that, I have a portable fire pit that comes along with me. I generally pair up with local historical fighters (The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword, and The Knights of Lord Talbot are two I work with), and set up alongside them. My displays include historically accurate spices, pots, and foods, the cookbooks themselves, clothing, fiber arts (sewing, knitting, etc.), and books about the various time periods I play in.


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Location Southern NH
Year Founded 2013

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