Lady Renatta


Lady Renatta was the Official Fortune Teller for the Alabama Renaissance Faire in Florence, AL. With over 15 years of experience as a diviner of runes, tarot, and soothsaying, Lady Renatta will read your fortunes and guide your path! Lady Renatta is a romanisæl, that is, a Roma from the Scandinavian region, particularly Norway, who arrived in the region with the first traveller folk to come to the area in the 16th century. As such, she draws her culture from the Roma people as well as the Norwegian folk in the area, adopting their gods and some of their language and effects. Lady Renatta is easily spotted by her blue hair and brightly colored garb with coins and plenty of shiny baubles. She is usually set up with her son, Clay, who runs Artistic Alchemy, a potion and unique crafts shop! She was crowned Queen of the Alabama Renaissance Faire in October 2022, and spent her reign doing her best to educate on the Roma people, supporting the Faire, and bringing joy and safety to all visitors to her realm. She visited with Queen Annwyn of Dragon Croft in March of 2023, and visited the Queen of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival in May of 2023. Queen Renatta reigned over the Feast and Faire of 2023 in Florence, AL, did her best to break the curse on the throne, and finally declared Firenze "too cursed" and abdicated to the next monarch. Now departed from Firenze, Queen Renatta seems to have wandered into the fae realm for now... (For those who enjoyed visiting Lady Renatta for readings, stay tuned!)


Category Other
Location Florence, AL
Year Founded 2019

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Last updated on November 26, 2023.