MacDudley Dragon Games


Often referred to by their stage names, Scottish Pirate Captain Horatio MacScurvy (Allen) and his First Mate Sassafras (Bridget) own and operate the entire MacDudley Dragon Games experience. The games are fun to play, provide a historical look at the Renaissance culture, and most notably promote disability awareness. Each game focuses on a different physical challenge that you must overcome in order to find success. MacDudley Dragon Entertainment LLC was developed from their own personal experiences with disability. Allen was inspired by his own dyslexia and by his father who managed to operate a hundred acre farm having had both a prosthetic arm and leg. Bridget’s inspiration comes from her every day accomplishments in the wake of being visually impaired and having Cerebral Palsy.


Category Games/Toys
Location Portage, MI
Year Founded 2003

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Last updated on May 18, 2022.