Mistress of Melody


Available for hire as a live performer, composer, songwriter, arranger, or studio musician. Samantha, the Mistress of Melody, is a fantasy-folk musician and composer specializing in traditional and original Celtic tunes. At one of the first renaissance faires she attended, she saw her first Celtic harp and has been in love with the instrument and style ever since. She began performing with her own harp at the age of 14 at local county fairs and private events and continues building upon that self-taught foundation. Now with a repertoire of over 4 hours of copyright-free music, the Mistress of Melody can captivate and entertain audiences in both staged and intimate settings with songs she's written and collected over her years of musical study. While her emphasis is with her harp and soprano voice, she also typically performs with her bouzouki to provide further variety in song styles. Her harp playing has developed into a unique style with influences from the Celtic tradition, American folk traditions, jazz, musical theater, classical study, and all manners of improvisation. Her instrumental harp album, The High King's Harper, featured in Irish Music Magazine can be streamed or purchased online at all major outlets. Aside from solo performances, Samantha was a member of the group Possibly Irish for 5 years, and a musician and improvisational actor at Evermore Park for 4 seasons. Her arrangement of Turlough O'Carolan's Captain O'Kane for harp found her acceptance into Brigham Young University's Music Composition major where she currently studies. Here her unique perspective from and emphases on her folk background has blended with classical studies and has given the opportunity to expand her music writing skill through composition of everything from lengthy romantic-inspired piano solos to pieces for solo instruments, string quartets, various small ensembles, and even full orchestra. She has also written and performed several classically-based vocal solos including settings of poems from Christina Rosetti, and entirely original works.


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Location Utah
Year Founded 2015

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