Sinister Metalworks


Here at Sinister Metalworks, we specialize in lightweight steel fantasy armor and crowns. Our products are made of 20 gauge cold rolled mild steel. All products are treated on the outside with a Permalac lacquer, and on the inside with a rust-resistent paint, to prevent oxidization. The lacquer is available in gloss and matte. Our products are perfect for costume, theater, cosplay, renaissance fair, and larp. Everything we make is hand hammered from sheet metal into shiny armor. We strive to work full range of movement into every piece we make. Our philosophy: you should be able to move in your armor every way you can move out of your armor. And since the armorsmith studied martial arts, and has those weird double joint things, that's a pretty amazing range of motion. Our coloration process brings your armor to vibrant life. In color! Yes, color! (we really like color) Our most popular colors include antigue silver, chrome blue, chrome black, purple, bronze, and gold. We also create many pieces using a treatment called Antique Black, for all those people who want flat black. Because black is cool.


Category Metalwork
Location Tacoma, WA
Year Founded 2008

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Last updated on August 3, 2020.