The Siren's Serenade


Our mission: To sell art, of course, but also to promote renaissance and filk musicians. We carry a small selection of CDs from our (very large) CD shop, usually by the independent performers we meet at events we attend. For some, we are their only representation in the elite worlds that are filk, Vikingfest and Renaissance! The art: The artist and proprietor tends to make things according to mood. This includes but is not limited to hand-painted musical instruments, clay sculptures, egg art, jewelry, and limited art prints. The curse: Why are we The Siren's Serenade? Because the land-visiting mermaid inside sits with her ukulele and sings. A lot. Sometimes she'll be asked to sing. She usually obliges. We think she might like to sing, but we're not sure if that's the actual case or if it's force of habit from all those ages drowning sailors on the high seas. Our look: The look of the booth itself tends to follow certain style, however it changes according to the weather. We ask your indulgence that we put factors like rain, cold and customer comfort above looking the exact same every event. All sales help our venture to support and promote future musicians (and let the proprietor sing to people).


Category Art
Location Florida
Year Founded 2018

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Last updated on November 14, 2023.