Central Missouri Renaissance Festival

2019 Dates: October 19 - 20

Official Description

The festival embraces the culture and times of the Renaissance through games, live entertainment, and a thriving marketplace of artisans. The land is host to three stages as well as a grass arena for live steel and blunted weapon fighting. The gates of the Festival are open from 10am to 6pm on the 2nd weekend of September. Festival patrons can leave their cares behind and be entertained by musicians, dancers and comedy shows, shop for wonderful arts and crafts, participate in games, and enjoy feasting on exotic food and drink. Cheer for dashing knights as they battle to win their lady's honor. Join the Pirates as they steal the show.


  • Fair type: Renaissance
  • Founded in 2005

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4274 County Road 220
Kingdom City, MO 65262, USA

Contact Info

(573) 449-8637
Last updated on September 7, 2019.
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